Knowing When it's Time to Replace Your Tires

As much as we’d like our tires to last forever, the sad truth is that they’ll eventually need to be replaced. Knowing when that time is here is often confusing. Stop at Brunswick Mazda and let us inspect your tires and offer our expert advice.

When your tires no longer give you good service, it’s time they were replaced. Here are some signs your tires need replacing:

  • They fail to hold air consistently.
  • The have bulges on them.
  • They don’t pass the “penny test” for tread.
  • They’re wearing unevenly.
  • You’re getting a bumpy ride.
  • They appear to have a slow leak.

If your tires are giving you problems, visit us in Brunswick, OH. We can inspect not just your tires but other components that may be contributing to your tire issues. We also carry a full line of tires in case that’s what you need.

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