Important Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features

This year’s Mazda3 compact car is turning heads for all the right reasons. If you have safety features on the top of your list, this vehicle is not going to disappoint.

The Blind Spot Information System in your Mazda3 is able to watch traffic behind you as you travel down the highway. If the system detects anything moving into your blind spot, then the side mirror on your vehicle flashes so you know exactly which lane not to move into or until that threat has moved on and the coast is clear.

The Lane-Keeping System in the Mazda3 Sedan will help to protect you from getting into an accident on the road. Sensors check the position of your vehicle, and if your car drifts over the lane lines unintentionally, then your steering wheel receives a series of pulses so you take action to correct the issue before getting into an accident.



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