Smelling Fumes Isn't Safe as a Driver

If you can smell exhaust fumes when you are driving your car, this is dangerous. Exhaust fumes contain toxins, and can make it difficult for you to breathe. When there is a hole somewhere in your exhaust system, you can experience fumes coming into your vehicle. Bring your car to Brunswick Mazda if you see or smell fumes in your car.

Your exhaust system cleans the dirty, toxin filled air that comes from your engine when the car is running. When the system is malfunctioning, toxic air escapes into your car and into the environment.

A car with a bad exhaust system will fail emissions testing. If you recently failed an inspection for emissions, you'll need to see us at Brunswick Mazda and get your car fixed so that you don't have to drive around with a rejection sticker on your car.

Keep the air you breathe safe with an exhaust system repair.
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