What is the Importance of Winter Wiper Blades?

With the colder months upon us, the team at Brunswick Mazda wanted to inform our audience that today is the perfect time to replace your summer blades with new winter wiper blades.

During the long summer months, the UV rays of the sun have been drying out the rubber in your wiper blades. These blades are no longer flexible, which means they cannot move water or ice out of your field of vision. The winter blades are encased in a rubber shell that protects the moving parts from freezing rain, ice, and snow.

The older summer blades may have voids in the rubber from dirt or just excessive wear. These voids will make it impossible to see in inclement weather, as smearing and streaks cover the majority of the windshield. Winter blades are more flexible and durable, able to move snow load without compromising the integrity of the wiper arm.



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