A spare tire is something that we often don't think of until we need it. If you've ever had a flat tire, you understand its importance. Many of our customers request a full-sized spare tire after they've used a temporary compact spare, or a "donut" as they're often referred to.

The benefit of a donut is that it's relatively simple to change; however, it's much smaller than your other tires. You'll need to watch your speed and get into the dealership right away to have your tire fixed or replaced.

A longer-term solution is a full-sized spare that can be purchased for most vehicles. You'll have to save room for it, and you'll also need to ensure that it's properly inflated. However, you'll be able to operate the vehicle as you normally would.

Regardless of the type of spare tire you'd prefer, we'll be happy to handle all your needs at Brunswick Mazda. We wish you safe travels this season, and we hope to see you soon.



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