Blind-spot monitors are fast becoming standard active safety features or optional on base trims from many automakers. This nifty feature has the potential to prevent up to 85,000 or more car crashes annually. The blind-spot monitor is one of our Brunswick Mazda team members' favorite active safety features. Here's why.

Merging: Easy Does It

Switching lanes on highway in Brunswick or the open road is a daily necessity. In theory, rearview and sideview mirrors help you better see what's on the road behind you so you can change lanes safely. However, mirrors can't always reflect what's in your blind spot. Plus, road conditions can change on a dime, resulting in ill-timed lane changes and crashes.

Blind-Spot Monitor 101

A blind-spot monitor detects vehicles that enter your blind spots on either side. It issues an alert, giving you a proper heads up before you change lanes. Specific types of blind-spot monitors vary between automakers. So do the types of alerts they issue. Some blind-spot monitors use mirrors and cameras. Some use lasers. Some use all of the above. Alerts can come in the form of blinking lights in your sideview mirror, an audible alert or even a vibrating driver's seat.

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