Cars and trucks are usually engineered to be of superior quality which provides consumers with a very durable and safe vehicle. However, there are certain times when you will need to give the car attention and proper maintenance. When looking to maintain your car, one of the things you will need to keep in mind is the check engine light. If this ever goes on, you will need to address this matter immediately. There may be some number things that need to be done in order to resolve this issue. In many cases, the spark plugs or catalytic converter might need to be replaced. The O2 sensor might need to be replaced as well as there being a loose gas cap. The other reasons why the check engine light goes on is because the head gasket might be blown, the hose is broken or the radiator is damaged or has other problems. If you are looking to get assistance with your vehicle whenever the check engine light goes on, contact our service center today at Brunswick Mazda!

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