The rumble of the engine. The sporty look of the car. A performance-inspired interior. These are a few details of new Mazda vehicles that draw Akron buyers in. Unlike your standard sedan, Mazda performance vehicle models thrive on speed and power. Not just your ordinary commuter, new and used Mazda vehicles are different in both their look and capability.

The Mazda Miata

Small and scrappy, the Mazda Miata lays it all out on the line when you push it through Strongsville streets. With a fun-loving, soft-top convertible design, this vehicle can be used to cruise the boulevard or show off on the racetrack. First produced in 1989, the Miata is a legendary sports car in the Mazda family.

The Mazda RX-8

Stealing a few cues from its relative, the Miata, the Mazda RX-8 offers a design that is like this nostalgic performance vehicle. The RX-8 is a two-door model that gains a sporty and bold look from this one feature. With a half-door that makes rear-seat access easy, the RX-8 also features a rotary engine under the hood. Though it is currently out of production, this model is truly a gem worth discovering.

The Mazda 3

Small and athletic with an attitude to match, the Mazda 3 is just as spunky as it is good-looking. This hatchback model providers buyers with something different to look at and its signature style makes it easily recognizable to buyers as the fine sports car that it is.

Mazda Performance Models Available at Brunswick Mazda

With so many powerful models to choose from, Wadsworth buyers may need a little help comparing several Mazda models. That is where we come in. Our dealership is familiar with Mazda performance vehicles' ins and outs, which allows us to show you the pros and cons of each model you may be considering. For more information on our Mazda performance inventory, contact us or visit us in Brunswick, OH, today. We want to put you in the perfect Mazda sports car for your lifestyle and expectations.